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Waivers and Re-Entry Permits


If you or your loved one is in need of a waiver or re-entry permit to complete his/her immigration process, my office has the necessary experience to deal with the matter.  Some of the issues that may prevent your immigration process are previous illegal entries to the United States, fraud, misrepresentation, and convictions for certain crimes.


I will take the necessary time to talk to you to understand your situation in detail and give you the legal care that you deserve to defeat the issues that prevent you from coming or staying in the United States.  


Especially, don't hesitate to call me If you have a previously denied waiver I-601a or if your approved waiver I-601a was revoked at the Consulate.   Numerous approved waivers I-601a  were revoked after June 2019 at United States Consulates around the world in view of new USCIS policies. 


I have extensive experience working with denied and revoked waivers and would be pleased to work with you to reverse the denial. 


My Waiver and Re-Entry practice includes:


  • Waiver I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility

  • Waiver I-601a: Application for Provisional Waiver of Unlawful Presence

  • DENIED I-601a WAIVERS: We have ample experience at the office working with waivers that have been previously denied.  If you have a previously denied waiver I offer you a complimentary office consultation to review the denial and assess your further remedies towards obtaining approval. Please call me if you are in this painful situation.

  • Waiver for Fraud or Misrepresentation in Procuring Entry or Visa

  • I-212 Re-Entry Permits after Removal, Deportation or Multiple Illegal Re-Entries

  • Waiver for past criminal conduct

  • Combination waivers I-212/I-601

  • Presentation of waivers after revocation of approved waiver I-601a at a U.S. Consulate 


Please call me for a free initial telephonic consultation to establish if I can be of your help. Te: 925-407-2149 or 415-409-9229

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